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Accepted Abstracts

Dog Image Generation Competition on Kaggle [PDF]
Wendy Kan · Phil Culliton · Douglas Sterling

Conclusion on TrackML, a Particle Physics Tracking Machine Learning Challenge combining accuracy and inference speed [PDF]
Jean-Roch Vlimant · Vincenzo Innocente · Andreas Salzburger · Isabelle Guyon · Sabrina Amrouche · Tobias Golling · Moritz Kiehn · David Rousseau · Yetkin Yilmaz · Paolo Calafiura · Steven Farrell · Heather Gray · Vladimir Vava Gligorov · Laurent Basara · Cecile Germain · Victor Estrade · Edward Moyse · Mikhail Hushchyn · Andrey Ustyuzhanin

Learning To Run a Power Network Competition [PDF]
Benjamin Donnot · Isabelle Guyon · Antoine Marot

The AI Driving Olympics: An Accessible Robot Learning Benchmark [PDF]
Andrea Censi · Liam Paully · Jacopo Tani · Matthew R. Walter

The Deep Learning Epilepsy Detection Challenge: design, implementation, and test of a new crowd-sourced AI challenge ecosystem [PDF]
Isabell Kiral · Subhrajit Roy · Todd Mummert · Alan Braz · Jason Tsay · Jianbin Tang · Umar Asif · Thomas Schaffter · Eren Mehmet · The IBM Epilepsy Consortium · Joseph Picone · Iyad Obeid · Bruno De Assis Marques · Stefan Maetschke · Rania Khalaf · Michal Rosen-Zvi · Gustavo Stolovitzky · Mahtab Mirmomeni · Stefan Harrer

Design and Analysis of Experiments: A Challenge Approach in Teaching [PDF]
A. Pavao · D. Kalainathan · L. Sun-Hosoya · K. Bennett · I. Guyon

The model-to-data paradigm: overcoming data access barriers in biomedical competitions [PDF]
Justin Guinney


Kandinsky Patterns: An open toolbox for creating explainable machine learning challenges [PDF]
Heimo Muller · Andreas Holzinger

MOCA: An Unsupervised Algorithm for Optimal Aggregation of Challenge Submissions [PDF]
Robert Vogel · Mehmet Eren Ahsen · Gustavo A. Stolovitzky

FDL: Mission Support Challenge [PDF]
Luís F. Simões · Ben Day · Vinutha M. Shreenath · Callum Wilson

From data challenges to collaborative gig science. Coopetitive research process and platform [PDF]
Andrey Ustyuzhanin · Mikhail Belous · Leyla Khatbullina · Giles Strong

Smart(er) Machine Learning for Practitioners [PDF]
Prabhu Pradhan

Improving Reproducibility of Benchmarks [PDF]
Xavier Bouthillier

Guaranteeing Reproducibility in Deep Learning Competitions [PDF]
Brandon Houghton · Stephanie Milani · Nicholay Topin · William Guss · Katja Hofmann · Diego Perez-Liebana · Manuela Veloso · Ruslan Salakhutdinov

Organizing crowd-sourced AI challenges in enterprise environments: opportunities and challenges [PDF]
Mahtab Mirmomeni · Isabell Kiral · Subhrajit Roy · Todd Mummert · Alan Braz · Jason Tsay · Jianbin Tang · Umar Asif · Thomas Schaffter · Eren Mehmet · Bruno De Assis Marques · Stefan Maetschke · Rania Khalaf · Michal Rosen-Zvi · John Cohn · Gustavo Stolovitzky · Stefan Harrer

WikiCities: a Feature Engineering Educational Resource [PDF]
Pablo Duboue

Reinforcement Learning Meets Information Seeking: Dynamic Search Challenge [PDF]
Zhiwen Tang · Grace Hui Yang

AI Journey 2019: School Tests Solving Competition [PDF]
Alexey Natekin · Peter Romov · Valentin Malykh

A BIRDSAI View for Conservation [PDF]
Elizabeth Bondi · Milind Tambe · Raghav Jain · Palash Aggrawal · Saket Anand · Robert Hannaford · Ashish Kapoor · Jim Piavis · Shital Shah · Lucas Joppa · Bistra Dilkina